Rise Up | Angel Rice

28 October 2016 | Team Epic Brands | Epic Athlete, Rise Up

As a two time World Champion and Guinness World Record holder, Angel Rice is the face of success in the cheer industry. Her tumbling abilities set her apart from the increasing number of cheerlebrities that grace social media platforms across the country. As a member of Stingray Allstars Orange, she begins her final season of competitive cheerleading this month and we are taking a look back at when it all started.

Angel began cheering at 4 years old. It began as a hobby and soon grew into a passion. But her journey to the top wasn’t smooth. She overcame many obstacles specifically financial difficulties. Angel realized the sport was expensive when her family began spending a lot of time participating in fundraisers to pay for uniforms, shoes, competitions, and many other expenses associated with being a competitive cheerleader, especially a successful one. She said, “It was pretty rough at times. There were times when my mom, my sister, and myself would get our buckets and stand on the corners and ask the cars that stopped at the red light for money.”

But learning this at an early age only made Angel stronger mentally and therefore physically. “It made me work harder so that our efforts would not be wasted”, she said looking back. Angel’s advice to other athletes facing the same financial struggles is to work hard and never give up. Also to use social media and any other online resources to gain support, a method not available to Angel when she was younger.

Angel hasn’t let her success go to her head. She stays grounded remembering obstacles like this that have made her who she is today. She said, “I don’t take for granted all of the help that I’ve been given. I am truly grateful.” And after meeting Angel, we can absolutely attest to this. We are proud to have Angel Rice represent us as an Epic Athlete and we are excited to watch her continually Rise above any obstacle that may come her way.