A Partnership that is Truly Epic

18 April 2016 |by teamepicbrands | 0 Comments | News

WSA, Team Champion, and Epic Brands join Forces.

Chicago, IL, April 21, 2016– Team Champion, EPIC Brands and the WSA family of brands are pleased to
announce that all three companies will be joining forces to form Team Epic Brands.

This partnership represents a pooling of the expertise from three of the largest independent event producers in the industry. “This partnership will allow our three companies to continue the working relationship we all began several years ago, but now instead of focusing on our own individual successes, we will come together with one set of unified goals and objectives”, said Michael Bolden, Co-­Owner/President of Team Champion.

Every industry needs to have choices and options for customers. Team Epic Brands is proud to fill that void by offering a variety of different event types and pricing levels with our 11 different event brands. Those various companies will offer 170+ events in 32 different states from the onset, while actively looking to explore new opportunities. All of our brands will continue to offer The Season Pass, allowing us to provide customers with thousands of dollars in savings each season. The Season Pass is not exclusive to Team Epic Brands. We are actively looking for new customers and event partners to join our team. Darren DeMoss, Owner/President of WSA Brands had this to say about working with Team Champion and EPIC Brands. “My high level of excitement revolves around the fact that we are creating a partnership and not a take over. This new model will allow us to pool our knowledge and resources to create a better product for our customers, providing them with choices and options for their event experience, today, and in the future”.

The three companies will maintain their three regional office locations in Baltimore, Chicago, and Baton Rouge to better service customers at the local & regional level. All of the things that our customers have grown to love about our individual companies will not change. We will continue to offer the best customer service in the industry, combined with some new and exciting options for coaches, athletes, and parents. Both our existing and new customers will have complete access to the full array of products and services that Team Epic Brands will offer, including 80+ Worlds Bids, The Season Pass, and various specialty and destination events.

“The Epic Brands has always taken great pride in offering alternatives to cookie cutter events and concepts. We have continued to bring fresh ideas to the industry, in hopes of constantly moving cheerleading and dance into a new era”, says Lura Fleece, Co-­Owner of EPIC Brands. “It is with that same visionary eye towards the future that has led us to this new and amazing opportunity to partner with WSA and Team Champion. A new horizon is breaking in the spirit industry and Team Epic Brands is proud to be leading the charge.”

The 11 event brands under the Team Epic Brands umbrella include ACDA, Allstar Championships, American Allstar, Champion Cheer & Dance, Champion Spirit Group, CheerStarz, DanceFest, Nation’s Choice, Spirit Unlimited, VIP, and WSA. For more information on Team Epic Brands, visit them online at www.teamepicbrands.com.

About EPIC Brands
The Epic Brands formed in 2011 when American Cheer & Dance Academy (ACDA) and Spirit Unlimited (SU) decided to join forces. The two companies partnered together previously to form some of the top cheerleading organizations in the world including SITA, IEP, The U.S. Finals and The Final Destination. Both companies brought premier national events to Epic with ACDA’s Reach the Beach Nationals and SU’s Battle at the Boardwalk Nationals. As members of USASF, Epic awards Full Paid and Partial Paid World bids and bids to all US Finals. Since the partnership began, EPIC Brands has created & acquired additional companies, including Champion Cheer & Dance, CheerStarz, Epic Gear, and Epic Camps. They currently host 80+ events in 20 different states throughout the US.

About Team Champion
Team Champion was founded in 2005 with one company and 5 events. Since that time, Team Champion has grown to include 4 individual brands: Champion Spirit Group, Nation’s Choice, DanceFest, and Allstar Championships. Each brand has its own unique identity, while maintaining the common themes of sportsmanship, fairness, and fun.

Team Champion is a founding member of The Season Pass, THE ONE Finals, and is actively involved in the spirit industry, currently holding positions on various USASF committees, including the National Advisory Board for cheer & dance. Team Champion hosts 40+ events throughout the US, and currently offers 50+ bids to the
Cheerleading & Dance World Championships.

About WSA
Worldwide Spirit Association was founded in 1996 by Darren and Nicole DeMoss. The company’s roots started in 1990 when Darren and Nicole paid their way through college by cheering at LSU. After graduation, the two turned their passion into a business by opening a cheer gym and starting one of the first all-­star programs in the country, the Baton Rouge All Stars. In an effort to fill the natural summer slow down at the cheer gym, WSA Summer Camps was launched. In 1999 WSA held its first championship, and then in 2000, Darren and
Nicole left the cheer gym business to fully focus on WSA Camps and Competitions. Today, WSA is one of the leading companies in the cheer and dance industry, hosting 30+ events throughout the US.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Bolden at info@teamepicbrands.com.

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